Psycho-social support program

Counseling & Guidance for teen mothers


Pregnant teens or already mothers want to do what is right for their children. Because they are teens and often have low income, they need strong support networks and a comprehensive array of resources to help them parent effectively while working toward becoming self-sufficient adults. One of the consequences of having a child while you are young is that your health, psychological and social well-being is immensely affected. Our health and psycho-social support program facilitate teen mothers’ access to health care to ensure that they are healthy physically and mentally/emotionally. On the other hand the same program holistically create conditions for our beneficiaries children’s normal growth and development, ensuring that these children access health care, education, recreation and effective parenting.

Teen mothers reached

Cases of anxiety treated

Group therapies

Training organized

How we do it?

Individual Therapy

All teen mothers have to undergo a minimum of 6 individual therapies with a trained and experienced clinical psychologist. 

Group therapy

After the completion of all individual sessions, teen mothers are taken on a journey of meeting their peer on a group setting where they learn how to live in a society, how to interact among other skills. 

Family & Community education

From the individual and group therapies, the journey continuous to the family and communities where respectively they are engaged in non discriminatory non-stigmatizing dialogue with the teen mother. 

  • Self esteem levels 76% 76%
  • Self confidence 62% 62%
  • Depression and Anxiety 24% 24%
  • Suicidal ideas 8% 8%

The Results Were Amazing

When we receive girls, they present depression and anxiety cases, suicidal ideas, aggressiveness, poor communication, loneliness, poor hygiene, malnutrition among other symptoms. After one full year in our program, we have observed that girls are more open to the external world, are confident to go back to school, can undertake entrepreneurial activities, have built self esteem etc…

Self confidence was a mere myth and i thought hope was long lost. My success now define me and I am never done evolving because Hope for Rwanda helped me realize how strong I am

Alicia Mushime

16 years old single mother

Life hasn’t been easy without someone to talk to neither to listen to my cries and sorrow. Hope for Rwanda gave me love, affection and care

Mukeshimana Leila 

17 years old single mother 

Help us reach more girls, they deserve a second chance