Supporting abandoned teen mothers and their babies



An epidemic of teen pregnancies is permeating the population in Rwanda. Vulnerable girls as young as 13 find themselves in this unwarranted circumstance. 

They bring shame to the family, are isolated and abandoned. These emotionally damaged adolescents have assumed the awesome responsibility of being mothers when they are still children.

 ‘Hope for Rwanda’ was founded to address the lack of existing services to support these vulnerable teen mothers. The organization offers an integrated program inclusive of pycho-social counselling, prenatal and parenting skills, legal assistance regarding human and children’s rights, and capacity building for economic livelihood to create a solid foundation on which they can build a happy family life.

These pregnant teens and mothers have found a refuge and support system in a culture that had abandoned them. They now have a community they can trust and depend on.



Pycho-social support 

Our health and psycho-social support program facilitate teen mothers’ access to health care to ensure that they are healthy physically and mentally/emotionally

Legal Aid , Advocacy and

Social Justice 

Providing legal assistance to its beneficiaries is one of the main objectives of Hope for Rwanda. As a human rights organization, 

Capacity Building and Economic Livelihood

We provide capacity-building  in form of vocational trainings, after school coaching for schooling beneficiaries, workshops and training to teen mothers in Rwanda



There is this thing that fascinates us, takes a lot of our time, and slowly destroys our true selves “social correctness”. I always hear things like,” I should not do this”, or like, “they should behave like this”, and we always take haste in judging those who are...

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Thoughts of a mother

If I was the parent to the teen that just said, “Mom, I’m pregnant and I want to keep the baby.” things would be different from what I experienced. First reactions to teen parenthood are usually not very positive ones. It could be met with yelling, screaming, crying,...

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In 2018, we support more than 350  teen mothers and their babies

in 5 of Rwanda’s 30 districts. Our goal is to reach all these districts in the next five years.  

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